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The children __ when they __ in the forest. 1 - got lost , were walking 2 - were getting lost , walked 3 - got lost , walked

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1. they (to drink) tea when i (to come) home. 2. he (to walk) along the river when a boat (to pass). 3. the old man (to think) about his plan when he (to fall) asleep. 4. we (to listen) to an interesting lecture yesterday. 5. when i (to enter) the classroom, the teacher (to write) words on the blackboard and the pupils (to copy) them into their exercise-books. 6. they (to get) ready to
go out when it (to begin) raining. 7. yesterday at one o'clock i (to have) lunch at the canteen. 8. when he (to come) in, i (to do) my exercises. 9. what you (to do) at eight o'clock yesterday? 10. at this time yesterday i (to go) home. 11. you (to sleep) when i (to go) out. 12. he (to read) on the sofa when i (to come) in and (to sit) down beside him. 13. i (to walk) along the street
with my friend when a tram (to pass). 14. she (to look) out of the window when i (to see) her. 15. we (to answer) the teacher's questions when the headmistress (to enter) the classroom. можно
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Iam terrified of aeroplane journeys. i have never нужно закончить предложение со словом flying (тема по be/get used to)
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Английский язык, 13.03.2019 23:10, katyushashevch
Write an e-mail letter to your friend about the extra-school activeties you have ever had
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Придумать слоган для прюта для животных
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Read and match. the say. how often do you. wake up late? clean your room? play sports? go shopping? read a book? wash the dishes? walk to shool? always, sometimes, usually, never.
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Английский язык, 17.03.2019 10:00, Фернатий2004
Перевести амелию беделию 2-ую часть
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The children __ when they __ in the forest. 1 - got lost , were walking 2 - were getting lost , walk...

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