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Вставте пропущеные слова: ! you're going to hit the tree. he's wearing a it's cold today policemen this hat? andy gren now.

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Английский язык, 09.03.2019 14:20, kyzmina97
:choose the right word to complete these sentences. 1) an is a person who drives a railway engine. a) engine officer b) engineman c) engine driver 2) someone who makes walls with bricks is a a) wallmaker b) bricklayer c) brickmaker 3)a is a person who cuts men's hair. a) hairman b) haidresser c) barber 4) rubbish is collected by a) rubbish collectors b) bin collectors c) dustmen 5) a
is a person who makes outer ( usually men's) clothes. a) tailor b) dressmaker c) coatsman 6)to deal with people who come to stay in a hotel or come to visit a doctor or a businessman is a job of a a) receptionist b) receiver c) reception manager 7) a person who prepares food is a a) cook b) cooker c) cook specialist 8) a chemist is a person who a) teaches chemistry b) loves chemistry
and medicine c) makes and sells medicines
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 22:25, hofferson
Выберете наиболее подходящее слово из двух предложенных.1. can you tell me what/that we are doing here? 2. i am not sure why/when john is here.3. ask them where/what we are going.4. i don't know when/what he will come.5. the woman who/whom is standing under the tree is my aunt.​
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Английский язык, 12.03.2019 10:10, ALEXDEMI777
Решите по языку: 90 unit iv (2) составьте предложения из следующих слов, обращая внимание на конструкцию complex object. 1. a college, want, i, to, enter, her, finance 2. yout party, i, to, like, you, invite, to, them, birthday, would 3. school, the law, people, to, leave, allows, young, at, britain, 16, in 4. british, at, their, consent, to, the law, children, parents, without, 12, permits, buy, a pet 5. parents, don't, marry, his, at, 16, let, him.
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Английский язык, 13.03.2019 22:18, саша4235
Сnew round up 5 exam zone. смотрите на фото)​
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Английский язык, 14.03.2019 01:50, Savina11
Составить по каждому по 2-3 предложения 1)if - =,- will= кондишиналс ) 2)if - =(past simple),i would =(без (2 кондишиналс) 3)if - =(past v3/ 3 кондишиналс)
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Английский язык, 14.03.2019 14:50, dkxjzb
Нужно поставить слова в скобках вправильной форме: ) я не понимаю . хотя бы объясните как правильно? ) people have always complained about lack of time. there's a saying that time is money, but time is (important) than money. if occasionally we spend too much money, we know that we can earn it again, it's a (renew) thing. time, however, can never be restored. that's why it's more precious. there are special courses that help (person) deal with time (efficient). they teach how to set the priorities and how to allocate time for the items in your to-do list. for example, they advise you to write a list of everything you want to do during the week. then you need to (write) it, and to rearrange the items starting with the first priority. allocate time from the top of the list to ensure that the most important things are done on time. a friend of (i) took a course on time (manage) and found it quite (use). i know that a similar course is run every saturday in the business school next to my house. i would like to enrol on the course very much, but cannot find time for it.
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Вставте пропущеные слова: ! you're going to hit the tree. he's wearing a it's cold today policemen t...

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