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Нужен перевод текста! mr a nd mrs yo u n g 's sma ll h o u se was in a village, b ut the ir c h i l d r e n 's h o u s es we re in a t o w n. t h en mr young d i e d. mrs yo u ng w as eighty-five ye a rs old, a nd h er chi ldr en said to he r, " c o me a nd live in t he t o wn n e ar u s, mo t h e r. or come a nd live in o ne of o ur h o u s e s ." but s he s a id, " n
o, i 'm n ot going to go to the t o w n. i 'm going to r ema in h e r e ." h er chi ldr en w e re n ot h a p p y. t h ey s a id, " t h e re a re a lot of b u r g l a rs h e re n o w. maybe one of t h em will come i n to h er h o u se a nd t ake h er m o n ey a nd h er nice t h i n g s ." o ne s u n d ay o ne of h er d a u g h t e rs w e nt to mrs yo u n g 's h o u s e. she s aw a key on
the g r o u nd at t he side of t he front d o o r. " m o t h e r ! " s he s a id, "you m u s t n 't p ut y o ur key t h e r e. t h a t 's t he wo r st pl a c e. burglars can s ee it a nd o p en t he door ! " mrs yo u ng smi l ed. "try to o p en t he door wi th the k e y ," s he s a id. h er d a u g h t er d id this. the key m a de a lot of n o i s e, b ut it d id n ot o p en t he d o o
r. t h en mrs yo u ng said, "i h e ar t he key in the lock, a nd t h en i get one of my b r o t h e r 's old g u n s, go out of the back d o or a nd c r e ep up b e h i nd t he b u r g l a r s ."

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Английский язык, 07.03.2019 22:40, mirann2hsjb
Ex. 5. замените действительный залог страдательным. many people attended this lecture. he will leave the ticket on the table. people speak english in many countries. an actor killed president abraham lincoln. they grow bananas in africa. chemists purify water in different ways. computers process information. the teacher gave the student much work.
they invented photography in the 1840s. the french government gave the statue of liberty to the american people. they have sent for the doctor. they show films at the cinema. she will deliver a lecture tomorrow. fleming discovered penicillin in 1928. the chinese invented paper.
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Английский язык, 08.03.2019 02:50, хамзикош
Нужно ответить на вопросы. which of the following international events would you join? which of the events would be the most efficient? which would be the most difficult to organise and take part in? why? how could you make these less difficult? how could you benefit from each event? вот мероприятия которые предлагаются 1 plant
a tree day 2 car free day 3 no electricity 4 buy nothing day 5 smile at all stranqers day
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Английский язык, 08.03.2019 11:40, Спартак2102
Напишите небольшое сочинение на ,про кухню, предложений 5-7.если можно то ещё и перевод )
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Разобраться с , 15 . заранее​
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Английский язык, 11.03.2019 21:37, мишка4543
Use the words in the list to complete the sentences. terminal, destination, construction, respect, architecture, boulevard, dome flight. the in astana is incredible; some of the buildings are amazing. the next from this airport leaves in 20 minutes. aslan drove his car along the huge open . new york city's main airport is called jfk out of for the late president john f. kennedy. london is a that attracts many tourists each year. the of jfk airport began in 1943. the roof of the airport in astana is a beautiful blue . each at the airport has different shops and cafes.
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Английский язык, 12.03.2019 17:06, Evas2007
Как можно остановить загрязнения во всем мире? )
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Нужен перевод текста! mr a nd mrs yo u n g 's sma ll h o u se was in a village, b ut the ir c h i l...

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