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Рассказ о моём хобби ( танцы) ! 3-4 предложения.

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Английский язык, 12.03.2019 17:43, neriman04
Здраствуйте! 1. what surrounds lake burabai in kazahstan? 2. why does the khan want to go secretly to the festival? 3. what was everyone doing before the dancing started? 4. why did the khan jump out of his seat? 5. what happened to the girls after they saw the khan?
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Английский язык, 13.03.2019 19:01, pmv2002rusp0bof2
Написать про виды спорта, основываясь на картинку
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Английский язык, 13.03.2019 20:59, Ksenichka777
Надо! progress test 8 ( units 1-15 ) -fill in the gaps with the missing words. 1.there a brilliant fil on tv last monday. you see it ? 2.''what's with this radio, bob ? '' "i don't know. " 3.have you been to india? "no i " 4." stella's phone number? " "6684206". 5.he has the louvre but he hasn't seen notre dame 6. on tv tonight ? 7.she left an hour 8.he's very funny. quick! some pictures. 9.i'm afraid i go to sue's party. 10." have you been here? " since friday." 11." did you come here? '' last friday" 12." mrs murray? '' ''very well, thanks." 13." last sunday? " " i went to the theatre " 14.: have you flown on concorde? " " yes, once" 15.we're going to the opera tonight. like to come ? 16." do you usually get up? " "7 o'clock" 17." how many friends you ? " ten." 18." are you? " about one metre sixty." 19." are these cassettes? " (ł) 13.45." 20." do you get to work? " "by bus".
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Английский язык, 15.03.2019 20:02, soung1
Read and complete. for each number 1-12, choose word phrase a, b or c
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Английский язык, 16.03.2019 17:40, kozorezalya24ozgr1o
Надо продолжить эти слова: opposite the, a two-minute walk from here, where's the nearest post office, round the corner, down the road, whereabouts is it exactly. надо использая это продолжить этот мини диалог: a: excuce me. ? b: it's in canal street. a: it is far? b: not really. it's onle . a: b: go . it's 's. a: thanks a lot. b: you're welcome. буду : )
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Английский язык, 20.03.2019 22:17, Anfisac3t
Не успеваю. если сделаете волшебное слово, )
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Рассказ о моём хобби ( танцы) ! 3-4 предложения....

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