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90 ! : 7 form tensesi (be 1) to the cinema ever since i was a child, but i rarely go (see 2) cartoons. in fact, i (not see 3) a cartoon for about five years. the last time i (see 4) a cartoon at the cinema (be 5) when i (take 6) my two sons, who (be 7) now twelve years old, to see walt disney's fantasia. they (be 8) only seven at that time and so they (look 9) forward to seeing a cartoon at the cinema.

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Английский язык, 10.03.2019 02:30, fursatana0
Прочитайте текст. определите, какие из утверждений а5 — а8 соответствуют содержанию текста (1 — true),какие не соответствуют (2 — false) и о чём в тексте не сказано, то есть на основании текста нельзя дать ни
положительного, ни отрицательного ответа (3 — notstated). i am not a writer by trade. i am a white hunter. my name is allan quatermain and i live in durban, south africa. i am fifty-five years of age and for more than thirty years i have been trading, hunting, fighting or mining in one part of africa or another. i have, in my time, shot sixty-five
lions. the sixty-sixth got me and mauled me pretty badly before he was driven off. that is why i limp a bit on my left leg. well, it's eighteen months or so since i first met sir henry curtis and captain good, which is the real beginning of my story. that was in 1885. i'd been elephant hunting beyond bamangwato and had had bad luck. everything went wrong on that trip, and to top up with
i got the fever badly. as soon as i was well enough i sold such ivory as i had and took myself down to the cape. after a week in cape town, i made up my mind to go back to durban by thedunkeld, then lying in the docks waiting for the edinburgh castle to get in from england. i took my berth and went aboard, and that afternoon the passengers from england came on and we put to sea. among
the passengers who came on board there were two who caught my interest. one, a man of about thirty, was one of the biggest and strongest-looking men i'd ever seen. he had yellow hair and beard, clear-cut features and large grey eyes set deep in his head. i found out, by looking at the passenger list, that this was sir henry curtis. he reminded me very much of somebody else, but at the
time i could not remember who it was. the man with him was listed as captain john good, and i put him down at once as a naval officer. he was stout and dark, and very neat and very clean-shaved, and he always wore an eyeglass in his right eye. (by h. r. haggard) a5 the author never killed lions. l)true 2) false 3) not stated | a6 | the author's story began nearly a year and a half ago.
1) true 2) false 3) not stated | a7 [ the author had been ill before his travel by sea. l)true 2) false 3) not stated | a8 | sir henry curtis was educated in good manners. l)true 2) false 3) not stated
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Английский язык, 11.03.2019 06:45, nigap
Test 7 a ebglish help me plzzxx​
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13 , напишите ответ на письмо про кино другу по переписке. оно должно иметь 100-120 слов. текст письма в изображении ниже
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Английский язык, 13.03.2019 17:30, Top1lel
Дополните предложения, употребляя модальные глаголы или их эквиваленты в утчредительной или отрицательной форме. 1. you remember the adress? - i not even remember the street. 2. the sick man had restless night, but he sleep for an hour or two. 3. he was very strong, he ski all day and dance all night. 4. when they buy a car, they visit their friends more often. 5. you ring the bell, i have a key. 6. you drink this: it is a poison. 7. the buses were all full, i get a taxi. 8. what were your instructions about phoning, bill? - i phone him at 6.00. 9. that hat doesn’t suit you, you buy another one. 10. tom was often late and his father told hiim that he wake up earlier. 11. the policeman told the driver that he drive more carefully. 12. the woman is looking ill. she see a doctor.
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Look, read and write the short answer сделаете​
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Grammar: how how complete with much or many. how chiken? how of bread? how would you like? don't be silly. how have i told you? i'm afraid you won 't for your own lunch
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90 ! : 7 form tensesi (be 1) to the cinema ever since i was a child, but i rarely go (see 2) cartoon...

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