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Вставить пропущенные слова, a hobby is something you like doing in your free time, for example, reading, … , … , … , … , … , … , etc. different people like doing different things, so we can say that people have different hobbies. the most popular activities among my classmates are … and … . my friend … is fond of … , because this hobby is … and … . it’s his cup of tea. he(she) can do it … . he(she) can do it … . he (she) likes v ing too, because … he (she)doesn’t like ving, because …

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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 01:10, zef3
An unusual circus will open a) england b)scotland c) wales
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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 02:40, Jora2001Voronov
Эдинбург - столица шотландии. это один из самых красивых городов британии. сердце эдинбурга - это 1000 старинных замков, где веками жили короли шотландии. в эдинбурге культурная насыщенная жизнь.
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Английский язык, 04.03.2019 08:10, lora1981
Посмотрите есть ли ошибки в этих текстах: хиппи in the 1960s and 1970s a hippy was a person who opposed the normal standards of society. hippies wore unusual clothes. girls, for example, often wore indian-style silk dresses and men and women usually had long hair. hippies believed in peace, and one of their favorite sayings was «make love, not war». when the hippy
movement started in the us ,especially in california, young people showed their peaceful feelings by wearing flowers in their hair. for this reason, they were also called flower people панки in 1970 times were difficult. while the hippies were talking about love and peace, punks were full of hate. they thought that normal pop music was boring and listened to aggressive music. punks chose clothes that
their parents hated. they wore ripped t-shirts, doc marten boots and leather jackets ,and often had brightly coloured hair. рейверы in the late 1980s, large parties called raves started up. they usually took place in empty buildings, and could dance all night long under techno or acid music. enthusiasts wore the daily clothes convenient to dance: free t-shirts and jeans. the rave became connected
with drugs, and the police often tried to stop them.
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Английский язык, 08.03.2019 04:30, Настя123123ноно
195. раскройтескобки, употребляяглаголывpast simple илиpast continuous. 1. i (to feed) my cat with fish yesterday. 2. what you (to do) at four o'clock yesterday? i (to feed) my cat. 3. what your brother (to do) yesterday? he (to play) computer games. 4. i (to begin) repairing my camera at six o'clock yesterday. 5. at five o'clock yesterday helen (to
cook) soup. 6. we (to play) badminton from nine till eleven yesterday. 7. kate (not to go) for a walk yesterday. she (to write) a composition the whole day yesterday. 8. when your father (to come) home yesterday? he (to come) home at seven o'clock. 9. when my father (to come) home yesterday, my mother (to make) supper. 10. we (not to go) on a tramp last summer. 11. what you (to do) when
your sister (to come) home yesterday? 12. you (to have) supper at nine o'clock yesterday? 13. he (not to go) to the shop yesterday. 14. nick (to go) to bed at ten o'clock yesterday. 15. rick (to sleep) at eleven o'clock yesterday. 16. when we (to play) in the yard yesterday, it suddenly (to start) raining heavily. 17. i (to see) mike when he (to cross) the street. 18. he (to begin)
repairing his bicycle in the morning yesterday. 19. he (to repair) his bicycle the whole day yesterday. 20. he (to finish) repairing his bicycle in the evening yesterday.
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Английский язык, 09.03.2019 09:20, victorianna03
Плс =) 1.напишите видовременную форму глаголов: present simple, present continuos, past simple. present perfect, futere simple. 1)water boils at 100 degrees celsius. 2)it isn't raining any more. 3)i have bought a new car. 4)we played tennis yesterday. 5)i'll help you with it. 2.выберите правильную видовременную форму
глаголов. 1)i think he (will phone/have phone) me 2)i (have lost/lost) my key. can't find it anywhere. 3)usually i (finish/am finishing) work at 5.00 4)she (went/goes) out last night.
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 14:32, 30Космос03
Надо перевести используя герундий​
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