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Нужна вставить артикль! i'd like glass on water he's son i can she can't

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Английский язык, 09.03.2019 20:40, KristinaZenchenko
Правильно употребить глаголы в past simple, past countinuous, past perfect 1. kate ( to go) to the airport with her parents and her brother nick. while they (to wait) at the airport, nick (to remember) that he (to have) something important to tell kate. her friend (to phone) just as they (to leave) to ask at what time kates flight (to leave). previously kates
friend (to think) that she wouldnt be all to get to the airport in time but she (to turn) up while kate (to say) goodbye to herr parents. she finally (to go) through passport control and everybody (to wake) goodbye. 2. it (to be) the day of this english exam. he (to wake) up and (to look) at this alarm clock. he (to see) that it (to stop) raining during the night. he (to realise) he
would be late for his exam. he (to be) an hour late and exam already (to begin). when he (to sit) at the table, he (to find) that he (to leave) his pen at home. he ( to ask) his friend his friend to give him a pen. despite everything (to go) wrong he (to pass) him exam.
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Английский язык, 09.03.2019 22:20, ichhund
Письмо другу на тему спорт 8-10 предложений.
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Английский язык, 12.03.2019 02:18, LUKARIN
Расскажите о 5 достопримечательностях санкт-петербурга по типу i suggest veseting the ostankinskaya tower, because its biggest tv tower in russia.
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Английский язык, 14.03.2019 15:58, Anna55111
What safety rules should you know before travelling to another country? could you share your bad travel experiences? how did you feel? what would you do differently in order to avoid such situations? ​
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Английский язык, 16.03.2019 15:00, тигрц28
Мини-сочинение про школу на языке с переводом на ! !
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Английский язык, 18.03.2019 13:30, хорёк05
Where is clare? a) she must be at basketball practice b)she should go home c) she has to be at school at 8 am
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Нужна вставить артикль! i'd like glass on water he's son i can she can't...

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